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In any industry, where production is undoubtedly the most important part of the operation, it is usually difficult to effectively maintain all the supporting structures, - or the equipments - in view of the production deadlines / targets to be achieved. These production deadlines / targets usually result in lesser shut-down periods, resulting in only a few of the critical equipments being checked / maintained, but not the structures. These structures could easily get distressed, due to several reasons like mechanical vibrations of machinery, resonance, fatigue, thermal stress corrosion due to seepage of acid, atmospheric corrosion, etc.

Most of this type of distress is difficult to observe, since these occur over a long time, and is not easily visible at a glance. Considering the fact that several hundred crore rupees worth of production equipments are supported on these structures, it is extremely important that these structures be in a healthy state with adequate factor of safety. The failure, and ultimate collapse of any structure would be extremely disastrous for any industry, particularly due to loss of life, and production.

It is with these eventualities in mind that throughout the world the industries are getting the safety survey of their plants done through specialised agencies, and this system has been catching up in India also.

DESCON UNITED has done the structural safety survey of Fertiliser, and chemical plants which were subjected to acidic corrosion, and also pyro-metallurgical plants subjected to structural damage due to heat, and mechanical vibrations. For each of these safety surveys we have suggested remedial measures which were rigidly followed, resulting in restoration of complete strength in all the damaged structures, and all these plants are now running efficiently.

All these remedial measures are so designed as to restore the structural strength in running plant conditions without the need of a shutdown. The cost-benefit of this system is enormous because in addition to the structures being rejuvenated & safe enough to withstand all loads, the repairs / revamping are done in running plant conditions without the need of an unscheduled shutdown, which would otherwise result in a loss of production.